Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Injustice For All

Every now and then, something catches our eye and rankles us. It gets under our skin, and raises our hackles. Sometimes it's just avoiding a particular company because you disagree with the way they do business. Sometimes it's a product you love and have to share with the world. And sometimes it's a cause you need to support. Not only support, but you KNOW that the world needs to be made aware of it. You know this. You believe it, down to the very depths of your souls and watermelon-painted toenails. (No, my toenails aren't painted that way at the moment, but I recently encountered a set and they came to mind.)

We talk about belief, and everyone automatically assumes that belief must be in a god, a deity or divine being. But as Malcolm Reynolds learned, you don't have to believe in the divine to believe in something. To believe in it enough to give your life--though that's not the first choice! I believe in a great many things. I believe in a higher power. I believe that in order to feel whole, one has to have faith in SOMETHING. This doesn't mean that one needs to have faith in a deity or religious label of some sort. Many of my friends are Agnostic or Athiest, but they still have faith. This is America, where 31 flavors doesn't have to be just a Baskin Robins slogan. I believe in balance in all things: light must have dark, good must have evil, up must have down--though with chocolate, milk is the balance to dark; white is not only NOT chocolate, but it is an aberition that I cannot support. Unless I'm making flavored truffles. Then it serves its only purpose as a flavor carrier. And I believe that there are things happening in this world that we are kept in the dark about because those responsible for them are ashamed, or at the very least, fear the losses that would result should the truth of the situation be disclosed.

I am not Malcolm Reynolds. But I do believe the 'Verse needs to know.


(http://heather-harris.blogspot.com/2009/05/i-cheated.html is where I originally got the article)

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  1. Heap big thanks! If even one person reads and starts to care, that's important.

    Also, I love how everything comes back to baking and cooking with you. White chocolate factors into a theological debate - comedy!